Afternoon usual - Fabrice


Afternoon usual - Fabrice

Hi There! before starting with an introduction I just wanted to say firstly that im glad you came by. I want to welcome you and let you know I appreciate you spending time here. Everyone is so busy and life moves pretty fast, so I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to check out my blog!

That said, my name Fabrice and this blog was created to bring together my hobby of all things Anime into my lifestyle. Anime plays such a big part in my life even being an “adult” now per say, I see it as an escape from the real world and its problems, where the physically impossible is possible, and anything can be done, all in nice colorful details.

This blog is my final haven, my afternoon usual when everything else seems nuisances; urging me to assess and to share my thoughts and my own findings to the world, or at least to my fellow neighbours in the blogsphere.