Little Busters! Stadium Jacket by Cospa

Little Busters! Official Stadium Jacket

Little Busters! Stadium Jacket by Cospa

Kengo Miyazawa must be proud, the stadium jacket that he wore in the Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Anime has been reproduced and released by COSPA. It is known to be the official members jacket of the Little Busters! so now any fans like myself can be part of the famous group dedicated in fighting evil and preserving justice! Since its release last year I had to wait until my trip this month to Japan in order to finally get my hands on the jacket at the Gee store shop in Akibahara and luckily for me it was the only one left plus in my size too.

Little Busters! Stadium Jacket by CospaLittle Busters! Stadium Jacket by Cospa

Looking closely at it, COSPA has done an amazing job in faithfully reproducing the jacket with such attention to detail. From the colours that consists of a combination of red/maroon with navy blue to the embroidery part of the large mascot cat at the back of the Jacket along with the Little Busters logo at the front, I must say it could be vintage quality! The Jacket is not too heavy and is a ultra casual piece to wear, I think it personally goes well with a nice pair of Jeans and a plain white t-shirt, let the jacket do all the showing!

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